Thursday, February 6, 2014

Learn How Money Make From Adsense :
                                                                       Google Adsense is a good and a faithfully company for earning money .This Networking is very smooth and very cool ads system and it's are able to give you a quality full ads for your page .  Personally I think every one can get a to earn easy way to earn from here .
I have many experienced on this type of ads networking earning company they are all of not good and some are very bad company they are not get to pay us .Just talk if you want withdrawal then they did a many option and i mean they are big and bad thief .But Google Adsense is one of the best way to earn money easily .And It's of course a good company for pay our earning ..

So hopefully You want a good pay out's company who provides good payment .And also it'd allow to give service to pay money many kinds of Online bank as like Western Union, Direct Bank Chak, Paypel, Master card etc.

How Money Make
But first task is get a approve from google adsense. Then Following are few steps for which you should follow in order to get approval from Adsense :

  • Domain name should be your own and Registered on your own name if will be more good way to choose such key word type domain name . No sub domains, BlogSpot or free domains.
  • Domain name at least 6 months old before applying for Google AdSense.
  • Domain must should be Original Contents. Remember Not will be allow Copy content leads to your account banned.
  • Your site content should be in English or any popular Language which AdSense supports.
  • Your should follow Google terms & Policy Conditions about cost and other Google Adsense related data .
  • You should have good and qualit-full content.
  • Your site should popular good ranking and of course need to be good Traffic .
For Get Ads & Approval Tips :

  1.  Go On your account or create a new account with your gmail account .
  2. When open your account then Set your own domain address as "" not any other It's Not allow Google adsense .
  3. Go on My Ads option then you need to got a ads option .
  4. When you done submit for ads then you will got a HTML code that is your main Ads so then you need to upload on your page where your want to set your ads .
  5. You should be approved by google for your Adsense Account from Google 
  6. Go On Personal settings
  7. Next Account information
  8. Then Payment settings
  9. Complete Pin verification: After your earnings reaches $10 USD, Google Adsense team will send you a secret PIN through a letter by postal address. It may take up to 30 days.
  10. Payment method: For Bangladeshi publishers we have only two option for receiving payments. (1) Secured Express Delivery check [$28 fee and arrives in a week] and (2) Standard Delivery check [It may take 3-4 weeks by regular mail] and we cannot receive our payments through credit/debit cards orWestern Union.
  11. Tax information: If you have learn more then create a adsense and lets get start and i hope you can do its solved easily .
 I think if you really want to earn money on internet then I'll talk for you please start dude .Cause when you start your website or blog or other type of earning system then you will get good solution for that and you can learn from here .

And of course Google adsense & google adword is the best way to earn money for us !!!