Monday, January 27, 2014

We are helpful to learn how to make from free bloging site . Okay if you want to earn money by blog then lessen At first you need to know anout what is the blog and bloging and how to do it :)

Ok if are new on blog or bloging site then i'll advice for you to do please open a new free blog as like (, wordpress, or other good type of free blog) .

And start your new blog with a good subject's quality full content .Of course should be good quality full blog page content .That will be able to traffic and able to read every people which that's you will get more and more visitor .

How Money Make
Cause if you don't get good traffic then you can earn money .And Don't be worry cause if you try to learn how to do that then you will do that .Okay i'm talk some think for your understanding ... if you want more and more traffic or your blog page visitor then you need to do good SEO, Marketing, Publishing etc.

Okay so i think you can start your blog now ! and also have good visitor on your blog .Then i talk you that's it's you right time for your earning from your blog .Ok lets get start ....

Step 1 : You need to do choose your earning place as like google adsense, google adword, yahoo publisher, payperclick etc.
i like to do work on google adsense for earn money cause it's a good and faithful company .So your choose is best :)

Step 2 : When you are choosed a good company for your earning . Then of course you need to follow his company's roll as like if you choose google adsense then  you need to setup your account or if you ar opened a blogger account then you need to setup your earning account then yours blogger accounts have a earning option you need to go there and setup google adsense account .Next you r get a option as like" My Ads " so here you are able to choose your ads that's you need to put your blog page that's your earning way .I think you are able to earn money from here But you face some hesitation on your earned money cause Google are have a policy that's have you need 100$ up first withdrawal, or that you want to get money ways as like some bank are able to pay you (Western Union, Paypel etc.) .

As like you can get many PPC site ads that's are way to earn money .

Step 3 : You should need know some tips for your helping ..
  • Must have Original Contents. Copy content leads to your account banned.
  • Your site content should be content will in English or any Language.
  • Don't Click your own ads .
  • You Should follow Google terms & Policy .
  • Of course need to do nice design on your page .

Or more help for earning  you need to back on From-Website menu .