Saturday, February 8, 2014

Learn How Money Make From Website :

If you want to know how to make money from your own website , Then you are here and this is the right place for your learning .

Hope you have to have your own website , and need some Online knowledge and creative mind  :)

How Money Make
So Lets get start  When we want to earn money from own website then we need to follow two major subject .

Part 1 : About your website setting how to be comfortable for earning tips .

Part 2 : Choose your earning zone(PPC, CPC, Affilliate) and those how to do from there earning ideas. And what is the best way to earn money . And what should and what's  shouldn't . Please See Carefully On The Below ... 
Definition of part 1 :  

When you start your first website then you need to know what is the best way to get a good result from visitor , ads company , get more and more earn and website promoting .

And of course if you follow step by step the  things below then you can get knowledge for Make Money From Website .

  • Your Domain name will be a good and comfortable for searching .
  • Of course you have to get a main and good key word .
  • Domain name and key word, if it will be so, then good for up-ranking this page .
  • You have to do good design for your web page .
  • This page will be able to get and put space for the ads.
  • A Major important point that MUST have to Original contents. No copy past content is allowed  on this page .
  • You should write your content by popular language like English .
  • You should bring more and more traffic for you website .
  • Old website is best to apply for earning at last 6 months is best for that .
  • Bring you visitor will be Continue ...
Don't be worried for doing that cause it's simple task so easily you can do that :)

Definition of part 2 :  

For earning from website PPC is the best way to easy make money .Ad also CPM is the best way to make money .There are many way to earn money .There are ...

For PPC Advertising :

 For CPM Advertising :
ALL OF PPC & CPM is such as same system . So I'm going to make you understand one system. You will understand the rest. 

I like to do work on google adsense. Then Following are few steps for which you should follow in order to get approval from Adsense :
  1.  Go On your account or create a new account with your gmail account .
  2. When your account is open, then set your own domain address as "" not any other It's not allowed for Google adsense .
  3. Go on My Ads option then you need to got a ads option .
  4. When you done submit for ads then you will got a HTML code that is your main Ads. Then you need to upload your page where you want to set your ads .
  5. You should be approved by google for your Adsense Account from Google 
  6. Go On Personal settings
  7. Next Account information
  8. Then Payment settings
  9. Complete Pin verification: After your earnings reaches $10 USD, Google Adsense team will send you a secret PIN through a letter by postal address. It may take up to 30 days.
  10. Payment method: For Bangladeshi publishers: They have only two option for receiving payments. (1) Secured Express Delivery check [$28 fee and arrives in a week] and (2) Standard Delivery check [It may take 3-4 weeks by regular mail] and we cannot receive our payments through credit/debit cards or Western Union.
  11. Tax information: If you have learn more then create a adsense and lets get start and i hope you can do its solved easily .
 I think if you really want to earn money on internet then I'll talk for you please start dude .Cause when you start your website or blog or other type of earning system then you will get good solution for that and you can learn from here .

And of course Google adsense & google adword is the best way to earn money for us !!!

DON'T worry cause if you start and try for that then you can be successful :)

If you want more learn how make money online then you can get more and more help from here .

Thank you :)