Thursday, January 16, 2014

Learn how to make money online from outsourcing or freelancing, If you are new on this online earning zone then at first you need to know about what is outsourcing
then you can understand some think about how to earn for doing lancing so Need to know Question and answer .

What is 99Design ?

99Design is one of best way to earn money by as like jobs . That's I called a online jobs market place .Cause It's a way or special system for earn money by only your own yourself .

Ok i'm going for your good understanding A freelance is depend on your own work .If you can show or delivery your as good work then you can earn or if you don't do that's then you can't earn money :)

99Design is just only online jobs market company. 99Design is also a most populer company .
Which are able to meeting or together a Buyer and a Contractor or 99Design both .It's a company that's able to create a Buyer profile that's cause he can post jobs on this online place by a freelancing company.
As a contractor are also create a profile for earn money then his need to try for achieve those posted jobs .

If your performer be good then of course you can got this job and i think you can do this but don't to be worry or didn't boring .

Many times you need to meeting on your buyer as who posted your bided job for a interview !

If you earn money by 99Design then you can do this type of Designing work to do earning ...

1. Graphic Design -> if you can
2. Logo Design -> if you can
3. Illustration -> if you can
4. Print Design -> if you can
5. 3D Modeling & CAD -> if you can

ETC Design  ...  -> if you can

That's are expert or experienced or you are able to work then those type of work you can do there .

Then you can make money from here and don't be worry you can earn from here :)

If you think freelance is give and take company then that's talk 100% right .

A Buyer post or offer a jobe You are need to done this job and when a buyer sent your money then 99Design company are able to give you .

And you need to setup added you bank on the 99Design site for get money at your home !!!

Ofcourse be carefully for opening a account cause you need create a real account that cause some time you have seeking to proved on by 99Design account .

And it's so easy to make money from online .

If you want to more learn about online earning then you can see our other page :)