Sunday, June 30, 2013

We are expert and with over experienced on online earning sector :)  So i think you need to know tips something for  earning related help .

  • You don't share your financial account details with your friend or any who :)
  • If you don't share your your website or ads or scours of earn then i'll be best :)
  • Don't share your PC or your any password :)
  • And of course will be share with your friend or brother or any who for your plan ( how to earn from youtube, facebook etc. ) BUT don't share your idea ( a new system web-app, new device or other ).
  • And all time mind it ALL IS WELL i mean you need do confident for online all of works .

How to get your money at home ?

  1. When you choosed your WorkPlace and next setup your account .
  2. All of earning WorkPlace's have option for transaction money system .
  3. Now find that and OPEN a online bank account ( PayPal. Payoneer, Skrill/Moneybookers or direct online bank Master Card ).
  4. Now you add your personal bank account and remember that "All of company are allow real details same details as your account & with your personal bank account" .
  5. When you get your money then you are able to get money by master card but if you have no master card then you need to do add your own country of bank .
  6. Now you are able to send online from your own country's bank.
  7. Some of business day's  ( 6-8 days ) latter you got your money on your  own account .
  8. Now Enjoy and Enjoy !!!

If you have any talk or question then please contact on your facebook account  :

Thanks :)
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