Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Learn How To Make Money From Facebook Application, If you want make money from application then you need to be Application builder or owner for earning .

Cause when you want to earn from your application then you need to put administration for those app .So if you are not any of them you can't.

How Money Make
Any way application earning have many ways there are ...

1. From Building a app

2. From Marketing

3. From Ads seeking

So i think you have application now you try to earn money then you need way on ads seeking .

I mean you have application then you bring a ads from any ads PPC site as like google or yahoo etc.

I'm explaining for your understanding I have a Football Game and then i put on this app on by facebook.
So i bring a ads code from any PPC site .And Put this ads code and now i can earn from here by visit or by per ads click .

And i get my payment from which PPC site that's i was created my account and setup your bank ID and get withdrew your money from there
And take money at home :)

Increases your visitor more and more make money ...

It's so easy if you can to build a apps or for other ways of man .

So don't worry ...

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